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DABS were the only ones that truly listened……. they helped me so much however my son he trusts nobody and will talk to nobody because of BULLYING!

Mother aged 60 – Son 15

Counselling helped ease the pain, counselling was wonderful it didn’t solve the problems but eased them for me.

Female 24

I wish DABS all the very best they have gone WAY beyond the call of duty and I know this new service will benefit everybody that finds it…. Thank you

Male 30

Counselling with DABS helped me go through a difficult time in my life. At the time, I was experiencing difficulties with relationships at work. Alison listened to me without judging and taught me tools to deal with the issues myself. As part of the counselling process, I learnt to deal with my insecurities and self-doubt and I learnt to be more assertive.

Female 35

I have found investing in myself and a therapeutic relationship with Alison to be nourishing and enriching. Counselling has helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I think everyone should have the opportunity to have counselling – Thank you

Male 50

Alison has been a significant figure in the life of our organisation, she came along at exactly the right time. We were willing to be honest about the issues of bullying within the company and she has been non-judgemental, balanced and consistent source of support. Whilst she never told us what to do, we welcomed and appreciated honest feedback from her which has helped us to find our own answers. We were ready to really look at the underlying issues and the culture within our organisation has changed. It is now a healthier place to work.

Finance Industry